July 17, 2007

Curb your curiosity...

...the answer is no. No, we have not decided on a name for the new baby. And no, we aren't sharing the ones we've discussed...sorry. I have gotten that question just about everyday for the last few weeks, so I thought we'd just answer it :). This little one may have to wait till she's out of the oven before she gets her name!

The kids have had a week of "firsts". Last week I took them on their first trip to the public library. They both enjoyed it, although Alison has yet to learn what "sssshhhhh!" means. Jeremiah is loving the adventure of finding new books to read and it has been a special treat to bring them home.
Today was their first trip to Till Taylor pool, a tradition from when I was little. My Grandma, Yvonne has taken all of us grandchildren for our first trip to the pool and she decided that the great-grandchildren shouldn't miss out. We had a blast! It's so much fun to have a Grammy(what the kids call her) that will get in and play with the kids. She was showing them how to float and being silly and everything! She's definitely the best!
This weekend will be our first trip to see Uncle Dan and Aunt Beth at their new home in Bend. John will be meeting us there from Salem. It should be a beautiful weekend and Jeremiah can't wait to see his Bella (the dog).
My belly is now growing very round and is often lumpy, due to the lack of room baby now has. She enjoys camping out in my rib cage and I find myself trying to coax her out of there! Our next check-up is on Friday and I expect everything to be perfect. the countdown to our more realistic "due date", based on my history of delivering a month early is set for Aug 22...only five weeks left! The time is just flying by!
Have a happy, safe and not too warm weekend! We love you all!

July 3, 2007

Hot, hot, hot...

...it's been oh, so hot! Obviously I have been more sensitive to the heat being pregnant, but I sure would enjoy less heat! Our family has been doing great. We have been busy with weddings, summer parties and friends having babies. We are also still on the hunt for a new house.....such a process! john is home this week for a little holiday break. It is so great to actually talk to him in person and hug him, and see him. The kids are in heaven, I think he may be fairly worn out and happy to go back to school after all the playtime he is getting in! The downside of him being home, other than the fact that he will have to go back to school this weekend, is just that he has to work while he is home. The kids and I have been growing...tons! I think Jeremiah has grown like three inches in the last few weeks. Alison has decided to start taking her diaper off whenever she can so we have slowly been starting the potty training. Her vocabulary is expanding on a daily basis. Jeremiah loves to take pics with our camera and he is actually not all that bad! (The below of me was taken by him.) We are hoping to cool off in the pool a few times this summer, although it feels like it will be over before we know it. I am still looking for a 36 week-ish delivery and that puts it at about 7 weeks away! We love you all and please drop us a line and let us know how your summers are going.