August 27, 2009

Change of Plans...

After a crazy day of registering Jeremiah for Kindergarten in Pendleton, we got a phone call that he was accepted to Helix School District. We originally had planned on him attending their school, but after a summer of being on the waiting list and hearing they were full...we realized we had better get him set-up in Pendleton. They had a few kids drop out and that made room for Jeremiah! We are so excited for his Kindergarten year...we have heard great things about his teacher, Mrs. Hansell and the school. He will be able to attend all day...which will be great since he has already had two years of preschool...he is really ready for the full day. Also, he is so happy he will get to go to school with his good friend, Victoria Keene! I am sure this will help him with the transition. All that being said, yesterday we took him out to the school to see his classroom and take care of paperwork. He was so funny and he kept saying "cool". On our way out, the kids asked if they could run around the tennis courts....Hosanna spotted one lone tennis ball and the kids must have played for twenty minutes! A wonderful day...
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August 24, 2009

It's official...Jeremiah has been registered for Kindergarten. We took a trip down to the school today, just he and I and filled out all the paperwork. He was so excited, until I found out he had to go get a shot....oops.

On a lighter note, apparently Hosanna feels more comfortable cleaning-up around the house, without pants, or a diaper...I thought this was hilarious so I had to snap a few know, for later, when the boyfriends start coming around :O)

August 21, 2009

Apparently it's been too long since I last posted....according to Grammy :) Here are some pics of the latest happenings:

August 4, 2009

Wow! It's been a while since I've posted anything...sorry!
The summer has been keeping us busy and we haven't slowed down much. We have plenty left to do and it looks like the fall will be much of the same, only much cooler!
Jeremiah is getting ready for kindergarten...he can't wait! We are still waiting to see if he will make it into the Helix school...he is currently on the waiting list. It is an all-day kindergarten class and he is very ready for that after two years of preschool.
Alison is still a little diva! She loves helping me in the kitchen or getting ready with me. I think she is looking forward to lots of time with mommy this fall.
Hosanna is SO busy! She will be two in a month...already! She is still very petite, only about 23lbs. But she is getting very tall and talking so much more these days. She adores our new kitty, Bocce and loves playing with him. She has also discovered all the dolls that Alison has and has been taking very good care of them :)
Judah is growing like CRAZY! At 6 months old now, he is roughly 21lbs. He has a check-up next week so it will be fun to see how big he really is. He and Hosanna are wearing the same size diapers as well as clothes...too bad they can't share the clothes! He has only been nursing until this week and now he likes his solids, too :) He giggles and squeals with delight and loves to scoot around the living room. I can tell he will be keeping us very busy!
John has been doing wonderful! He just had his annual evaluation at work and did exceptionally well...enough for an awesome raise!
We have both been very busy at church. We are leading a ministry for newcomers and hosting a monthly luncheon to help them connect with our ministry leaders and staff. It has been very good and a blessing for those who have attended. This last dinner, we didn't have anyone signed up to attend, but we decided like we should still have it....God is so great....we had FOUR new families come and it was their first Sunday at our church! They all said how wonderful it was to be welcomed :)
Aside from Starting Point, I have been very busy with Mommie & Me and Women's Ministries. Mommie and Me is still meeting weekly, with the last meeting of the month being in the evening. It has been so fun to meet other moms both in our church and from the community.
Women's Ministry is currently planning for the retreat this fall. It's going to be wonderful to see all that God has in store for our ladies. Although it has been a lot of hard work!
We are wonderful and loving our family!

This is what you do when you run out of diapers at Nana's house:

Hosanna playing around

Judah so cute!
My good friend Kailee's brand new baby girl, Isabel