September 24, 2008

Up to speed...

Ok, so I thought I'd catch-up on the last few weeks. Here it goes....

Uncle Aaron FINALLY made it home! The kids are so happy. he came over the last night and read a few books to them...they were in heaven!

Mommy got to get away. I went with some other ladies from church to Wallowa Lake for our Women's Ministries leadership retreat. It was much needed. I had spent the previous couple of days very ill with the stomach flu...including a trip to two separate hospitals. The Lord truly blessed me with a weekend of relaxation and retreat. It was so nice to not only hear myself think, but to be able to be open and available to hear from the Lord. Bonus, our cabin or should I say, elite lodge...was incredible.
Preschool is in full-swing. I am completely loving helping in Jeremiah's class this year. Ms. Chrissy is doing such a great job! The kids are so much fun, not too mention a little hilarious!

Our little cowgirl finally got her ride. Alison had been begging to ride a horse or a pony, it made no difference, for quite some time. I was happy to see a pony-ride place downtown during the Round-up...and it was reasonably priced! Not only did she get to ride a pony, but she got to ride two! The first one she was on had a little attitude problem, so she got to switch. Needless to say, she thought that she would get to ride them all and all day! She was so funny, I had my hand in the small of her back while she was being led and she started wiggling and mumbling something. When I asked what was wrong, she informed me that she didn't want me to touch her back....she's quite the independent cowgirl!

Last, but not least, here is a pic of me and my prego baby-belly. I apologize for my appearance....I waited until the end of the day and I look a little worn!

September 11, 2008





September 10, 2008

First Birthday....

We celebrated Hosanna's first birthday this last week. On her actual birthday (the 2nd), we didn't do much. It was the first day of school so we were a little caught up in that. Papa and Nana did stop by for a little pre-party celebration and dropped off some of her favorite goodies. She loved them!

Later in the week, we had a great party with some family and friends at the house. She did a great job opening her gifts...good warm-up for Christmas! I decided to get her a little cake all her own and I bake a larger one for the rest of us. The only drawback was that I found one in chocolate. She did awesome! So far, she gets the award out of the three kids for the best cake-diver! She was not afraid of that little cake and she had a blast! I had a big job cleaning up after, but it was worth it. :) I can't believe how fast the year went by. It seems like just yesterday that I was pregnant...oh wait, I am pregnant! LOL! But seriously, I can remember the long summer of being prego and John being away at academy. It had to be one of the most taxing pregnancies, emotionally for me yet. Then, at the end to go into labor for 14 hours and then stop and get sent home to wait almost a whole week later to actually deliver was a major roller coaster. But in the end, we are blessed with this smiley little baby. It's amazing how God works! I remember when we were trying to name her, before she even arrived, and trying to talk John into the name Hosanna. I kept telling him that when I think of the name it just makes me smile...all the way from my head to my toes and deep in my heart. It's so wonderful, because that is exactly what she is and still does for matter what. She is such an incredible little person and she is almost always happy. I can't wait to see what kind of person she will become.

Kyle's busted....sitting at the kiddo table!
Thank you to all who came to her party!

Here is a link to her birthday picture album:

School daze...

Jeremiah and I had our first day of school last week. I think I was more nervous than he was! It has been a long time since I actually had to be up, showered, dressed and ready in the morning on a regular basis. Nothing like last year when I could drop him off in my PJ's if needed!

he was ready to go about 45 minutes before we even needed to head out....the school is just across the highway from us at our church :)

So far we've both enjoyed school. Jeremiah has enjoying making new friends and I am learning a lot about patience. I have been assisting Ms. Chrissy, their teacher, while Ms. Star, the owner is recovering from having a baby. I really, really enjoy all the fun songs, crafts and just seeing the kids learn.

I took a pic of Jeremiah before we left and then he took some of me, but then my camera died when I got to school...soooo there will be more pics of school-time soon!

September 1, 2008

Perfectly Fall....

It has come...the wonderful fall weather has given us a preview of its beautiful face. We woke to the perfect temperature to have some fun at the park. Since Heidi had to leave this morning, we decided to take the kids to the park for one last playtime. We ran around, raced down the slides (yes, even Mommie ran and slid!) and swung our hearts out! Afterwards, we rewarded our selves with some Starbucks...caffeine for the adults and chocolate milk for the kiddos....:)

Heidi, thank you so much for visiting us this weekend. We all had lots of fun and we can't wait to do it again!

Fair and Frontier Days...

The kids and I took our friend Heidi to the Walla Walla Fair this weekend. We were so excited that Heidi was able to come from Issaquah and visit for the weekend! We had fun looking, petting and smelling all the different farm animals at the fair. We even indulged in a footlong corndog and some curly fries....not as great as they sound though!

After some time at the fair, we went over to Pioneer Park to really wear the kids out. They had SO much fun running around.