June 20, 2013

Summer adventures

John and I recently took a long-overdue trip by ourselves...literally...just the two of us. It was AMAZING! We totally love our kids, but it had been over three years since we spent more than 24 hours away from our kids. I think it is healthy and important that we take care of our relationship so that when those precious gems of children are long gone and living their lives, John and I still want to live with each other. So, the kiddos left (a day early) on a camping adventure with Nana & Papa and John and I got on a plane.
Back story- John has traveled tons more than I have, but he had never been to Southern California or really seen the summery side of the Pacific Ocean-Oregon and Washington coasts tend to be cold and blustery most of the time. So what is in Cali, you ask?? Well John has a very close and best friend from his college days, Adam. John and Adam had not been in the same room since Adam's wedding 5 years ago. So I decided that it would be really fun to spend the weekend visiting Adam and his gorgeous wife Gee in LA where they live. Bonus, my Uncle and his family live in the area too, so we took an opportunity to stay with them as well!
It took John a good couple hours once we landed, got the rental car and drove to my family's place to really start to relax. We spent a good day and half with Adam & Gee exploring all the fun in LA and aside from me getting a little ill (junk food not ok on vacay-lesson learned) we had a total blast!

February 10, 2013

Nice Surprises

Gotta love a quick visit from a friend! Our friend Scott and his buddy Rex stopped by on their way through town today. It was great to visit and the kiddos loved playing with Mr. Scott :)