October 23, 2006

Oh, the weekend.....

This weekend was nothing too special. Friday I took the kids over to Walla Walla and we met up with John for lunch. We did a little grocery shopping at the health food store and then I took the kids to the park for a while. Jeremiah loves Pioneer park. He likes to chase the squirrels and look for the ducks. We spent some time on the swings and had a good giggle or two! Later that night, Alison and I went over to our friend Natalie's house to have a girls night and scrapbook while the boys stayed at our house and had Dan and Cole over to watch a fight and eat pizza. Natalie and I had a good time eating a healthy dinner of Tofu and Veggie stir-fry, - my first tofu experience and let me just say, not too shabby!

Saturday John had to work in Walla Walla, again - but I love that overtime on the paycheck! The kids and I went out to Dan and Nat's to play and work a little. Their place is really looking great. They have done some really nice work.

Sunday we took the family to church and had a really good time. Pastor Carney's message was one that really hit home for me. He spoke about being in the wilderness and a passage in Exodus. He also talked about how God only gives us what we need for that day and if we try to stock up that it's gonna start to rot and stink. Basically, we need to be in God's word and prepared to hear from Him each morning. Just listening to our radio or watching a serm
on during the week on tv is not going to sustain us. I really appreciated the message because I have really been thinking about how to make my walk in Christ stronger and in what areas of my life and our family we need to do a little "clean-up"(as if there are any perfect areas!).
Anyway, Jeremiah and I rapped up the day by playing a little in the front yard and having a leaf-throwing fight! It was awesome!

Please be praying for our family this fall and winter. It is a terribly time for our kids as Jeremiah is highly prone to Croup and Alison is starting to show similar signs. They are tough kids but we know that they can be healthy with prayer and faith!

Until next time.........

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