January 23, 2008


ladies and gentlefolk....we have FINALLY accepted a counter offer and we are buying a house. Yes, yes...you heard me right! After some back-and-forth counter-offers...we finally agreed on a price and we are now in the paperwork phase of things. Hopefully, since we did some of the work ahead of time, things will go fairly quickly.

Yesterday afternoon, we took Papa, Nana and Dan with us to look around and let the kids see the inside. They had a blast! Jeremiah was giving everybody tours of "his" new house, showing them where every one's rooms were. Then, he and Alison chased each other around, playing hide-and-seek in all the closets. We showed them our giant yard and they didn't want to come in....so much space and so much snow! After we left and did a few errands and hung out with Dan and Natalie for a while, we pulled in to our driveway and Jeremiah started to cry. We asked him what was wrong and he said "I just want to go to my new house!" John and I told him that it would take a few weeks because we had to get some money together and do some other things like pack before we could move all our stuff over there. His reply...""But I have lots of pennies and monies in my penny jar! You can use those..pleeeeaase!" John and I have no words for how that felt...we wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. Our sweet and sensitive boy just wanted to help us out. Love him SO much!

our BIG yard..... Jeremiah & Alison in front room

more pics to come!


Stan, Angie, Teagan, Blake and Penelope said...

A big congrats!! What an exciting time in your life. Let us know the big move date so we can help and we have TONS of boxes!!

Robbin said...

Congrats to you! It is a very nice home and we know you and the kids will love every sq foot of it!!