July 28, 2008

I hate goodbyes...

We had to say good-bye to our dear friends the Millers last week. They are following God's lead and moving back to Klamath Falls. Angie came over with Teagan, Blake, Penelope and her mom(Angie's) for some fun and popcicles. We will miss them all and are totally bummed about them leaving.....but it's a great thing that God is in control and he knows best! Hopefully we will get to see them soon....we didn't get to say "bye" to Stan...sooo...Stan, have fun in school!

As I look back and think about how we were able to have these great friends, it's amazing to me how great God works. A little over two years ago, John was working for Charter and he came home with piece of paper that had this couple's phone numbers on it. He came in and said, "Honey, I met this really great lady today and she and her husband are christians, they are nice, they have kids and you should call her and get together!" He's crazy....that's what I was thinking. See, John has done this before and the people end up being weird, strange or crazy! I left the paper on the counter for about a week and he bugged me everyday to call.....so, finally I did. Angie anwsered and I pretty much started apologizing for my strange husband and trying to convince her that we weren't these weird radical people. After we laughed a while I had learned that they moved to Hermiston for a job Stan took and that they were indeed normal, nice Christian people! I took the kids over to there house that week and we have spent time together ever since. The other great thing about the whole situation is that our friends Dan and Natalie Alanis also started hanging out with us and even had their own, round-about-connection to Stan and Angie because of some mutal friends in K-Falls. Anyway, the guys will miss their hunting, fishing and of course, fight nights! And us ladies will miss the mommie talk, laughs and fun. Our kids love each other and hopefully can still have a lifelong friendship. In the end, it's great to know that we all love, believe and trust in the same great God, who someday will bring us all back together to live forever someday.....love ya Millers.
The Thorndikes



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the Miller's said...

thank you for our own personal post!! We will miss you guys too! Loving the pictures of the kids.

the Miller's said...

Thanks for our own personal post! We will miss you guys too! Love the pics of the kids.

RobbinGaye said...

Look at those faces! Those are the relationships made in their early years to last a lifetime, for sure. You are blessed beyond measure!