August 20, 2008

"Build me a workbench Papa..."

Months and months ago Jeremiah and Papa talked about how he Jeremiah needed his own workbench. Each time we worked on a project around the house, he would remind us that his Papa was going to build him a workbench. Well, yesterday afternoon Papa and all his tools came over. They worked out in the rain and sunshine all day. Papa had Jeremiah do all the measuring, marking, and he even had him put in just about every screw involved. Jeremiah loved it! He kept saying that he "loved loud noises", meaning each time Papa fired up the saw and cut into the wood. At the end of all the saw dust and wood scraps, Jeremiah has one of the coolest workbenches a kid could ever ask for.

The first thing Jeremiah did this morning after getting dressed was head out to do some "work".

I hung around to help out with some of the heavy lifting and I was talking to my dad about the memories I have as a kid working in my Papa's shop. Aaron and I used to "build" all kinds of things. Often, we would not only bend lots of nails, but we usually managed to bend a thumb or two as we hammered! I hope that Jeremiah will have lots and lots of memories "working" with his papa and daddy over the next years.

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