December 27, 2008

Holiday events...

I know it's been a couple weeks since I've updated things, but I've been bit preoccupied. I have been having quite a bit of preterm contractions (these are not just Braxton-Hicks, they are the real thing!), which if you know me, doesn't mean much because I always have preterm contractions with my pregnancies. All the kids were born right at 36 weeks, which for those men and some women who don't know what that means, they were 4 weeks early which is considered premature (a full term baby is 40 weeks). Last time with Hosanna, I actually went into labor for 14 hours at 35 weeks and then things stopped, so they sent me home. At that point I was dialated to 4cm, which is pretty significant. Currently, I am only dialated to a 1 1/2 cm and I am not completely thinned out...this is all good news. I have made about three trips to OB in the last few weeks, the last one was just last night. They typically monitor the baby and I as well as do some testing. They also can give me a little heavier dose of the meds I've been taking at home to get things slowed down. According to a my last fetal fibronectin test (I've had those every two weeks for the last 8 weeks) the likelihood of my going into actual labor is 99% negative, for about the next week. Still, good news. Now, if only I could get these contractions to not be so uncomfortable until the real-thing! Baby is healthy and happy. He enjoys having the hiccups and kicking me in the ribs. :)

This John entertaining himself while we are at the hospital...yes, that's a birthing ball he's using as a footstool!

Here's some important news....we decided to share the full name of our baby boy before we have him. This may come as a shocker to some of you, seeing as we typically keep things under wraps until baby is born. So, did you want me to tell you?? LOL!

We hope to have Judah Rhodes Thorndike join us happy and healthy soon(but not too soon).

No, there will be no nicknames given at this time...Judah-man is not an option! (Sorry, Honey)

For those of you who are interested in the whys of our choosing, we have just really liked the name Judah ever since we had Jeremiah. We have been holding his name in reserves for the last few years and we are so excited to finally use it.

Judah -to be praised; was the fourth son of Jacob (very fitting, eh?)

Rhodes- Rhodes Galbraith is John's maternal grandfather (and only living grandparent). Grandpa lives in Belligham with his wife Shirley. He is an amazing man of God and an excellent example of love and kindness. We love him very much!

On with the updating! Over the last few weeks the kids helped put up our tree, played in the mounds of snow we've had and gone a little crazy with cabin fever!

The Sunday morning before Christmas the kids had their program at church. They are both in the same class and it is so cute to see how different they are. Alison was very involved and did the motions, kind of...between shout-outs to Mom, Dad, Nana and Papa! Jeremiah folded his arms and sang occasionally, but mostly smiled and giggled at Pastor Phil who was sitting right in front of him. I love these kind of memories.

The girls had matching dresses and shoes...they were all adorable!

We had our traditional "Christmas Eve" dinner at Grammy's...but not on Christmas Eve. The kids had fun seeing everyone and I enjoyed sitting in the recliner!

(Cousin Stephanie and Hosanna, Me and Judah, Rachel & Tim with Alison and Aunt Tonja, Aaron and Jeremiah listening to Papa read from the bible, John, Tim, Uncle Joe & Aunt Tonja being goofballs, John and I...)

The evening service before Christmas was cancelled at our church due to the weather conditions. So, the kids missed out on attending their "Happy Birthday Jesus" party in Rainbows. The day before, Katie had come over to help them make some "special" cupcakes(wheat-free) so they could decorate cupcakes with the other kids. I decided that since the kids couldn't have the party at church, I'd let them do it at home the next day. So I got out some icing and a few toppings and we had a little birthday party in the kitchen.

(Making the batter, watching them bake, decorating them and eating them!)

The kids saying "Happy Birthday, Jesus"

We enjoyed Christmas Eve day with my brother and parents at our house. Mom helped me get a turkey dinner cooked and it was delicious. The kids opened their presents from Papa and Nana and Uncle Aaron and then we all went down to the church for the Christmas Eve service. Afterwards, we put the kids to bed and enjoyed a nice quiet evening.

Christmas morning we watched our kids open thier presents from us, aka Santa. Then we spent the day doing absolutly nothing. It was fabulous!

Hosanna enjoying a snack

Alison tearing it up!

Whoo-hoo! New PJ's....hey at least they still get excited about clothes!

Now we are just trying to adjust to being snowed-in. Although today it warmed up enough to melt some of it away, it's still not very easy to get around in. I think we probably accumulated around 16-18 inches altogether, but that's just my "mom" opinion...who knows how much we really got. :)
These pics of the snow were taken sometime in the middle of all the snow storms we had.

John's poor car is buried...probably won't be using that for a while

Our lovely driveway

A view of the front from inside

More of the front from the porch

We hope you all have a happy and safe New Year! We hope to start ours off with our new baby. We are blessed and thankful for each one of you and pray for those to be abundant in your lives as well. Remember His grace and mercy...they are always available and never-ending. Reflect and appreciate all His has brought you through, taught you, gifted you with and carried you through. HIS LOVE IS AMAZING....

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Suzie said...

John - You could always call Judah "Baby J" or J.R. ;) I know I'm getting a dirty look from your lovely wife (LOL)

Krystal - Brax-Hix SUCK been there, done that but it was a whole 14, 12 and 8 yrs ago! Keep "baby J" in there baking for a bit longer, do handstand, cross your legs, none of that "stuff" that started this whole event 30 some odd wks ago ;D.

Hugs and prayers to you all that this little one arrives safely!