July 15, 2009

Just Arrived...our new baby!

We just got our newest addition....a six-toed kitty named Bocce. I know, we are crazy. Neither John or I are cat people...but our friends, Dan & Natalie, were desperate to get rid of a kitty. Bocce will strictly be an outdoor kitty...for rodent duty. We don't care for indoor pets at this point and my mom is very allergic. So, Bocce will probably not be handled much either! The kids always love chasing the Alanis' kitties and we will be using this as a tool to help teach the kids some responsibility...it should be an adventure!

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Suzie said...

What a nice kitty. My kids have always had pets (cats & dogs, a bird and fish) and I think it helps them get through life. I know Becky talks to her cat when she's having a hard time and doesn't want to talk to me about it.