September 2, 2009

Rose Ceremony

So yesterday at Jeremiah's first day of Kindergarten, they school had a Rose Ceremony. The Rose Ceremony is where they welcome the students and the Seniors each give the Kindergarteners a rose. I had ben given a heads-up by a friend who's daughter is a I made sure to ask Jeremiah about it on the way home yesterday.
"Jeremiah, did you get a rose from the big kids today."
"No. Mom...they gave roses to all the other kids and I was the last one and there wasnt any left for me." (sad pouty face)
"I'm sorry Buddy."
(Big smile) "Ha! Mom, I'm just kidding...I didn't want one!"
He is such a little turkey! I thought this was so funny.....until, I got the real story from his teacher this morning.
I was dropping him off and stopped to say hello to his teacher, Mrs. Hansell. She said he was doing great. I was so glad. She asked if he told me about yesterday and I said yes, that there I knew there was a ceremony. Apparently, when the senior came up to Jeremiah and offered the rose to him, Jeremiah put out his hand to stop him and said "No, thanks. My Nana is allergic and I don't want any to get on me, cause she is allergic." (shaking his head with this "serious look"on his face) Then he got in line with the other students who had roses and just smiled.
Mrs.Hansell said he was so polite about it! I think this is hilarious for a couple reasons....I know what "face" he was making and can totally see him saying "no thanks"...and his Nana is NOT allergic!
Oh...the stories that will be told this year...I can't wait! :)

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