October 29, 2009

Ok, I know it’s been a loooong time since the last post. I’ve been busy! Our kids were sick, John was sick then I got sick so we have been trying to get better. All of us are on the mend PTL!
Jeremiah has been loving school. He is doing really well. Next week we have our first Parent/Teacher conferences…so we will see what the teacher has to say.
Alison has been such a good helper around the house. She misses her brother while he is away at school but I think she is really enjoying her time with Mom and Dad.
Hosanna is EVERYWHERE. No kidding. That kid can climb walls, windows….anything. I don’t think she has a “slow” speed. She is very cute though.
Judah turned 9 months old this week. He loves eating and sleeping, of course. He is also getting very busy. He is crawling everywhere, chewing on everything and just going everywhere. He just got two more teeth in the last couple days making the total 5. He started clapping this week as well. He is just so adorable!
John has been working as usual. He is getting ready to go elk hunting and fill our freezer-yay! Be praying he gets a big one this year :)
We have been doing more home improvements…or spending more money, that’s what it should be called anyway. We hired out the finishing in our family room and hopefully it will be ready to paint by the weekend or first of next week. I installed laminate flooring in our kitchen yesterday…it was fairly easy and free! Our good friends, the Smith’s had replaced their laminate with a different color laminate when they remodeled their kitchen this summer…so they donated the older stuff(which was only a couple years old) to us! It looks great and will look even better when we get all the trim, ect finished.
I have been staying very busy as well. Our church took about 80 ladies to a women’s retreat in Cove, Oregon a couple weekends ago and it was wonderful! I found out a very good friend is getting married in a couple months-yay Kristin! And I have been spending some very special time with my friend Genevieve before her husband takes her back to the east coast…she has been here all summer while he served in Afganistan. I am going to miss her so much! I think my kids might miss her just as much if not a little more…they love their Miss Genevieve. I have also been doing a lot of sewing lately…all kinds of little projects. I am hoping to have some things ready to sell at the church craft bazaar in December.All is well in the Thorndike household overall. We are getting ready for a busy fall…so hopefully I will be better about blogging :)

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Heidijoy said...

I love your kitchen floor! Good Job!

And just yesterday i was thinking that i need to find out what's up cause i was missing your updates! I'm glad your back!

Miss you! Love you!