March 1, 2012


(I love this's what John and I would probably look like if we worked out together!)

Well I think it's obvious that my blogging skills are lacking. Who has a blog and never posts in it? Oh! LOL

Our family has still been going strong on the Paleo lifestyle. We love how we feel and the energy we have to make it through each day. I love that I don't have to have an energy booster or special supplement to get me going each day. Don't get me wrong, I still love my coffee, but if I skip it I can still function.

John and I decided to step on the scale yesterday just to see where we were. Keep in mind we have a dumb scale that doesn't always like to work properly. Also, we hadn't stepped on the scale in probably two months. Since last March John and I have lost a combined total of ......drumroll please.......90 lbs! John lost approximatly 60lbs and I have lost 30lbs (since October). We are so happy and this has just further confirmed the lifestyle we have chosen to live.

John is preparing to undergo knee surgery in the near future and I am excited to see how quickly he will heal now that we eat such an anti-inflammatory diet. I am getting a list of anti-inflammatory and healing foods together so we can be ready.

I decided to cutback on my school hours this next term. Instead of my 20 credits I am currently taking I will have 15 and I will be assisting in my dad's class. I am looking forward to the small, but important slow down.

I hope everyone is ready for spring...if it ever comes! Happy Spring peeps :)

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