October 8, 2016

Restful Homeschooling - is it Possible??

Whether you are a new homeschooler or a veteran, you know the words "restful" and "homeschool" are not commonly used together in the same sentence. Homeschool moms know there are weeks, maybe even months of planning, prep, research and prayer involved in planning...and there is nothing restful about it! We torture ourselves over which style of homeschool, which subjects and curriculum we should use. I, myself, had just accepted the idea that I would forever spend part of my spring and summer in a state of unrest...planning the perfect school year. But as my fellow homeschoolers know, a few weeks, maybe a few months into the school year, those plans quickly blur and we head into survival mode only to repeat the cycle.
My husband and I decided to homeschool for several reasons, one of the most important was to instill a foundation of faith. We are Jesus-loving-praising-God family-so in a confusing, crazy world, we have chosen to homeschool. I truly believe my role as mom and homeschooler is first to plant the seeds of faith in my children, but how is that acheived when all the other subjects have to be covered as well? I found a good place to start. I have been watching, reading and following Sarah Makenzie at amongstlovelythings.com for the last year or so. Sarah recently came out with a book titled, Teaching From Rest: A Homeschoolers Guide to Unshakeable Peace. This book was life changing for me as a homeschooler! The book is an ebook and right now you can get it for less than $5 through Amazon when you listen with Audible. Go to here to purchase. Sarah also has a podcast which I love as well. It's so good to hear from other mommas who are in the trenches with you.
On that topic, podcasts. These are seriously my favorite thing right now. I was doing some canning this week and I just popped one side of my headphones in my ear (so I can always hear what the munchkins are up too) and work away in my kitchen or driving down the road with it plugged into my aux port. I find them so encouraging! Here are a few of my favorites: Read-Aloud Revival, Schole Sisters, God Centered Mom and the Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey.
Finally, after a year of being in school full-time myself, homeschooling and working full-time, I have finally reunited with my local mommy friends on occasion. Ladies, our social lives are important in helping each other to encourage one another! I am currently participating in a bible study by Jen Wilken on The Sermon on the Mount. One of the other homeschool veteran moms in my group gave us each a copy of Parent-Prayers Armed with Scripture. It is a list of scripture to help jumpstart your prayer time for your kids. It's excellent! Please let me know with a comment below if you would like a copy and I would be happy to email you the list.
Be encouraged moms! We are all in this together and God has a unique plan for each of your homeschools!!

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