January 18, 2007

Clean bill...

Jeremiah had his annual check-up with his fav doctor today. I try to warm him up to the idea of going to see the doc a few days before and his response is usually, "no mom, it's Ali's turn!". He did pretty good this time, although the poor nurse got his defiant attitude in the beginning with a nice little kick to the shin...he changed his tune when doc came in and was a very good boy. We are so thankful to have great people taking care of our family!

I recently took on a part-time daycare job at home. He is a sweet little boy and he plays so good with the kids. It is kinda fun for them to have someone new to play with.

It's been cold out there...stay bundled and watch out for that ice!

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Robbin said...

I love you family.......so glad to hear the kids are healthy....onery - but healthy!!!