February 23, 2007

Still snow?.....

I can't believe we got snow this week! It is so crazy! We are expecting more snow this weekend, ugh! Well, we enjoyed the snow while it was here anyway. Jeremiah and Papa built a snowman, then they ran it over w/Jeremiah's 4 wheeler and they had a really good snow ball fight ending the afternoon with hot cocoa and snacks. Alison was a bit afraid of Mr. Snowman, but she loved the rest of the snow.

We are all mostly healthy, and doing well. We hope you are all doing fabulously as well.

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Lisa said...

Hi Thorndikes! Wow, snow!! It is 74 degrees here today and has been for the last week or so...stinky, I would love snow. Enjoy the weather for us both. We love you guys, and miss you, and hope we get to see you soon!!!!