October 25, 2007

Life with three...

...is ever so BUSY! I'm learning to slow down though. We just cancelled our cable television and I am hoping this will help us not to be so distracted and focus on more things that are important in our lives...like our kids!
Oh how easy it was when all Hosanna did was sleep! Now she is starting to be awake more and she thinks she needs attention too!
We have been doing really great. The kids and I have been making some new friends, trying to catch-up with old ones and just loving fall. I think we go to the park more often now than we did in the summer. The kids love playing in the leaves, swinging and going down the slides. Alison is my hat girl. She loves wearing her fun winter hats...and sometimes that's all she is wearing! Jeremiah is doing awesome in school. He recently had a very special "uncle" visit him at school with his big red truck (if you're wondering-Uncle Mark and it's fire safety month so they are visiting all the schools). Also, Daddy showed up to get him this week and he was still wearing his police uniform with duty belt, "arresters" and all- 'twas the icing on the cake for the little guy! Jeremiah and Alison are learning to play nicely with each other.....and mommie is learning not to go crazy!
We are preparing ourselves for the holiday season and looking forward to it at the same time. I can't wait to start baking more.....beware of the pounds! I am also very exciting about heading up to Wallowa Lake with my mom in a couple of weeks for a refreshing 4-day weekend of scrapbooking! Hosanna and I will be enjoying the scenery and the chance to be creative (Thxs Mom!).
We love you all and hope you too are doing well....please let us know! God Bless!

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