March 14, 2008

a whole new life...

Well, it has been an interesting last few weeks. We got moved into our new house and started working on it right away. By the way, Thank you to Jesus for allowing us the blessing of owning our first home! We have a couple of projects going on right now, but they should be done in a few days thanks to my dad and John's hard work (Thanks, Dad!) and then I think we will just enjoy "our" house!

The kids have been doing good. We are all trying to get past a repeating stomach bug, but that doesn't really slow them down a whole lot.
Jeremiah continues to do well in school and loves playing outside or helping his Dad work. He has been sharing a room with Alison while we work in his room and I think we are going to have a hard time getting him to go back to his! He is really into the Cars movie cars and has about a dozen or so. Every time we go to the store guess what he wants.....another one. He's pretty cute though. He has been en excellent helper for me and is always asking if he can be my "big helper" at the store or home. Actually, today he helped me butter the bread for our grilled cheese sandwiches at lunch and he did a great job.
So handsome

Being silly...
Alison is still up to no-good....:) You think I'm kidding?? She loves to play with her princess things and is all about being a princess. This includes her beauty regimes of Vaseline in her hair and all over her body as well as any furniture nearby...aaahhhhh!!! Let me just say, it takes DAYS to get that stuff out...and yes, she has done it more than once....twice this week, actually. Her other favorites include throwing herself on the floor, eating until she can stuff nothing else in(which hasn't happened yet), hitting her brother, biting her sister, telling us "no", "I'm just checkin'", "don't help me" and my favorite..."STOP IT!" I love her anyway...and this too shall pass, right??!

This is Alison after one of her "beauty regimes"

This is how she went to Jeremiah's school with me this Project Runway!

Being mischievous, as usual
Hosanna is going thru a landmark in babyhood...her first two teeth. I think she screamed for an hour or so last night. On the lighter side, she is a great giggler and raspberry-blower and she is finding her voice which is so much fun! She is grabbing at toys now and reacting to everything her siblings do to make her laugh. She had a 6 month check-up this week and the doc said she is perfect and I expected anything else, come on! She is weighing in at 15lbs and 12 ozs and is just great!

Poor thing fell asleep after a hard day at play...
John is staying busy with work and work at home. He got a new chainsaw, so beware! If a tree is slightly leaning or looking like it's on the brink or death or's coming down! Jeremiah has been watching him with his "rainsaw" as he calls it(uh...the wood chips fall like rain..hahaha...actually he just has a hard time saying it, but that was pretty good, eh?). John is gearing up for better weather, he has lots of projects planned for our chunk of property this spring.

Getting ready for bedtime...

Me...well, I've been busy taking care of everyone else....and I love it! I can't wait to get all our construction projects and painting done over the next couple of days so I can actually start unpacking more than clothes and dishes. I miss my pictures on the wall and all our chachskies(?) aka stuff! I've actually been really busy with a Mommie and Me group we started at church for moms of infants and preschoolers(or even expecting moms wanting to get a head start getting to know other moms). We have moms from other churches as well as moms who don't attend a church, but need that adult conversation....we just get together in the church nursery and let the kiddos play while we visit for about an hour. It's a lot of fun. We were meeting every other week and last time we had so many moms come(so great!) we decided to start doing it every week. I am planning our meeting for spring break which is in two weeks and we will be going to a local park with all the kids...even the older ones, since there is no school. We are going to do a sack lunch picnic, so it should be lots of fun. I have really enjoyed getting to know lots of moms and I hope to continue to do so...

Well, here are a gazillion pics of the kids over the last few weeks....hopefully we can get a new computer desk soon....right now it's sitting on the floor in our room and so getting online does not have the appeal to it that it once did!
Love to you all, send us a note and tell us how you are doing!
Ready for church
Watching a movie
Getting warm and cozy

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