March 27, 2008


SO... we haven't done tons of amazing things over the last few weeks. But, we have worked outside, inside and all around our great new house. The kids have been enjoying lots of playtime outdoors as well.

Our biggest news lately is that Jeremiah is currently testing out a gluten-dairy-and mostly sugar-free diet. The doc thinks he may have inherited some fabulous food-allergy genes from his daddy....:) So, we have put both kids on the fair for one to have what the other can't, right? And, since there is more than one Thorndike with these issues, we have learned several "tricks" as well as found lots of goodies and foods for them at Andy's Market in Walla Walla.(including chocolate chip cookies, which he a mere $5 per half dozen, yikes!). It hasn't been so bad and at least I can keep them away from the bad sweets and junk food! There new fav snack is rice cakes with peanut butter!

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R said...

No worries daughter.....thru this too, you will arise victorious!! They will prosper in good health and you will have peace they are safe...XOXO how about an updated pic of our precious little imps!!