April 15, 2008

I'm a slacker...

...I haven't posted regularly like usual...sorry.

Since last time...I went to Seattle to witness the birth of the newest Thorndike, Savannah...Dan and Elizabeth's first baby girl! That was on the 5th of April....then this last weekend it was back up to Seattle with the whole fam for Adam and Rippel's wedding. Adam and Rippel are dear friends of ours and both John and Jeremiah were in the wedding. It was totally awesome and we had so much fun.

During our trip however...Jeremiah ended up in the ER with a bout of croup and then that same day, little Savannah ended up going back in for some jaundice. I am happy to say...everyone is doing well now! God is so great! Also during the last week or so, Uncle Aaron was here for a visit and the kiddos were in HEAVEN! They certainly LOVE their uncle.

We are all getting well now from a little cold bug and our exhausted bodies...but, this too, shall pass.

OOOHHH.....one more thing.....only 13days until Josh, Meghan, Kaitlin and Zach are back in the states from Costa Rica...YYYAAAAYYYY!!!! Can you tell we've missed them??!

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