April 25, 2008

Bubbles, toothies, and goo...

Jeremiah, Alison and Hosanna are the best kiddos in the world! We have been playing in the mud, riding bikes and having fun. Jeremiah recently got his first haircut in about 8 months.....YES! He know looks like Papa instead of Unca Airwin....according to him. Alison is officially a big girl...she slept in her big-girl bed last night with no problems. I wish I could get her to nap better in it! Hosanna is getting her third and fourth teeth! She's doing pretty well with it all...she's a bit more sleep, which I don't mind, of course!

They are definitely our precious gems!

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R said...

RUBBA RUB DUB...THREE BABES IN THE TUB!!! Sooo cute. Isn't this the life?HA! You are blessed my pumpkin, seriously blessed!XO