May 5, 2008

John is has officially been at the new job one year(yay). He has worked a smorgasborg of shifts these last few days and we are also getting ready for a Thorndike Family weekend at the farm. I have been working on a few things around the trying to be patient in my quest to get rid of some kitchen ant naturally...ugh! It;s been day three of the battle and I think I'm finally winning!

The kids have been outside playing in the dirt non-stop. From the time they get up until I drag them in for naps or bathtime they have been out there getting dirty or riding their bikes. I am so thankful for the space and safe area of our home. God has really, really blessed our family.

We had to say good-bye to our close friend Lisa this last's not a sad occasion , she is heading home to Oklahoma to greet her hubby, Andrew who has been in Iraq for 3 months. We feel very blessed that we were able to see her and spend time with her so often while she was home in Pendleton. Lisa, I miss you already, girl!

We are excited to see Andrew come home safely again, though....too bad they just don't live closer to us!

I guess the biggest news lately is that Hosanna now has 4 teeth and she's now only 17lbs. She is getting to be quite a big girl...although not as big as her siblings were at this age, by far!

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RobbinGaye said...

So precious.... have a great week end pumpkin. Tell all the fam in Seattle hello and we love them....Ma