June 5, 2008

ON vacation...

We haven't posted in ages, I know. We have just been so busy and then our computer got sick...so I'm finally back in the game!

We have had a great May. The whole family took a trip up to the Thorndike Farm (I like calling it that :)) for a Family Day/Birthday Bash/Baby Shower weekend....I know, we could have crammed at least a dozen more things in that weekend, right?! The kids had a blast playing all weekend with their cousins despite the rainy weather. Plus, Josh and Meghan had just arrived back from their 4 week trip to Costa Rica, so we were able to spend some really great quality time with them. The other really great treat of the weekend was getting to see Savannah...Dan and Elizabeth's beautiful little girl. John and the kids hadn't met her yet, so that was super precious. We are blessed with such an amazing family! We also were able to visit Dad and Mom Thorndike's little church and the was fun....John, Josh, Meghan and Liz sang a special song, since it was Mother's Day.

After we got back from our long weekend...I was trying to secretly finish up all the details for John's 30th Birthday surprise party...ugh! It's so hard to keep a secret when you love someone! It turned out awesome! He was totally surprised and it went really well aside from Jeremiah first getting a bloody nose and then having to rush him to the ER because he sliced his finger open....but it was SURE exciting!! John's sis Liz and her family were passing through town that day so it was great to spend time with them and show them our home and where John works. It was even better that they were able to stay for the surprise party, too.

A couple of days after John's birthday, he headed of to go bear hunting with Dan Alanis for a few days....wow, it totally sounds like he never works! He had a great time, but came home without a bear....aawwww.

At the end of the month, Jeremiah finished preschool. He has done so great. We are so proud of how well he has done. He is so excited for next year already!

Well, we love you all and I'm sure we will have more to share soon!!

Hosanna taking a bath in Gramma's sink
Such a pretty girl!
The kiddo's watching a movie
Hosanna, Kaitlin and Alison
Jeremiah and Zachary
Our family and Josh & Megs family
John and I cruising....
Alison and Jeremiah in Bellevue
Precious Savannah
Zach, Jeremiah, Rachel and Sarah riding their bikes

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