October 6, 2008


is hard to do. We are adjusting to life w/o Daddy all day and most of the evening. John switched to graveyard shift this month and so far it's been kind of rough. Not only rough on the family, but rough on him. Our bodies are just not made for being awake at night and sleeping in the day. He is a trooper though and I'm sure he will manage.

On other exciting news, I finally got some video clips of Hosanna walking! Enjoy!

Also, last week, Alison and Hosanna went to school with Jeremiah and I. Alison was in HEAVEN!! Hosanna did pretty well and received lots of attention from the other little girls. I was very impressed with how well Alison actually did...she paid attention and also did the project very well.

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Suzie said...

Graveyard shift is hard for the whole family! Especially when you have little ones at home and you know hubby needs his sleep. My John is taking Vitamin D to help him get through grave shift because it gets darker quicker and longer and he doesn't see daylight very often and our guys need it ;) Hugs to you and congrats on the new baby! Hugs,
Suzie Reitz