March 12, 2009

The circus has been busy, busy! Since the last "real" post...we have done just a few things. For starters, Judah has grown a ton! He is a healthy little boy for sure.

John's parents and grandpa came down for a visit and Judah's dedication last week. The weekend also included Judah's baby shower and a fun night at our church.
The kids played with Grandpa and Grandma Thorndike and Grandpa Galbraith throughout the weekend. It was nice to be able to finally show them our new house...which is has been ours for one year now!

Friday night we attended the church's "Big Event" Dinner circle and had fun choosing our meal courses from a menu entirely in French...we managed to get ours in proper order unlike other tables who chose to eat their lasagna with knives -LOL!

Saturday John took Grandpa Thorndike and Grandpa Galbraith on a ride-along and showed them around his job. They both had a good time from their reports. Meanwhile, Alison, Grandma Thorndike, Judah and I went to his baby shower. It was so much fun to see family and friends! Judah got his first play date in...with baby Carson (Josh and Holly Cyganik's little guy). My mom did a rockin' job with the shower...she themed it in a "Circus" theme! Perfect for our family. There was popcorn, peanuts, balloons...even a little monkey (Alison). So creative!

Sunday was such a wonderful blessing. We had many friends and family join us in dedicating Judah to the Lord. We love our friends, family and church family so much and it was such an honor to have them share in that with us. It was extra special to have John's grandpa, Rhodes Galbraith here as well. Judah's middle name, Rhodes, is obviously after him. Afterwards, we headed out to a local restaurant for lunch...which took quite a while, but the kids were troopers!

This week Judah turned's already going so much faster than I want it too! He went with me for my post-baby check-up and I was able to get another picture of him and our wonderful doc, Dr. Jake. We are so blessed to have a doctor who really cares about us!

We took the kids on a trip to TriCities this week as well. We decided that we would take our time and just enjoy our family. We made stops at the mall, Costco, Red Robin and Target. We had fun, melt downs, confusion...but this is who we are. We are learning that there is no reason to stress out about our kids acting up and being kids-they still need to come under our authority and God's, but it's okay for them to be kids. When we got home I asked John if he was tired and stressed out from the day...he said no...we both agreed that it was probably one of the most fun days we've had just being "us" in a long time. Isn't God amazing?

Today, although I didn't get any pictures, our circus adopted a side-show for the day. Our wonderful friends from church, Eli and Cindy Smith are expecting a baby girl, Savannah, anytime now and so their two little ones, Colin and Corrina spent the day with the kids and I while they went to a check-up in Walla Walla. I called my good friend Natalie and between the two of us(she also has two children), we managed to get all 9 kids downtown to the Children's Museum for a couple hours. They had so much fun and it wasn't stressful at all -I mean that! I got home and thought...this isn't so bad. Of course I was trying to make sandwiches for 9 kids while little Judah was screaming in one arm! I don't think it probably would have gone as smoothly if Nat hadn't been there to help.

The Traveling Circus is sure to have an amazing tour this please, keep checking in with us!

The older kids waiting patiently for their meals.

Alison crashed while watching Snow White after our big day at Judah's shower Saturday.

Judah and Carson's first play date -LOL!

Grandpa Thorndike telling Alison a story.

Grandma Thorndike playing with Jeremiah.

The girls were helping me make cookies.

Judah before my check-up...napping as usual.

Dr. Jake and Judah....they are the best!

Judah at six weeks!

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