March 11, 2009


Here's a preview of the post that's coming...
(Okay, now I've added to this post...there are explanations for each pic now)

Hosanna at Red Robin...being goofy as always!

Judah's dedication...what a rockin' family! (Snazzy dressers too!)

Grandpa Galbraith, Alison and Judah

A fuzzy pic, but it's the girls helping me make cookies for daddy!

Okay, this is kinda a funny story. I took the boys over to Walla Walla for Judah's two week check-up and on the way home, I stopped at Andy's Market to pick up a few things. After I was done Jeremiah saw this donating thing and asked for some money for know, the ones that you drop the change in and it goes around and around and around forever and ever and ever drops in the bottom. He was having so much fun that he was making a little bit of a scene, a funny scene, but still, a scene. The guy bagging groceries behind him was cracking up the entire time and when Jeremiah ran out of coins he was super disappointed...the guy stepped over and put several coins in Jeremiah's hand and said, "Here you go buddy, this will keep you for a while." Jeremiah thanked him about a thousand times and continued to have a blast...while donating. When he was all done, he walked over and thanked the guy again and gave him a high-five...and we went on about our day. Just another stop in our circus's so fun!

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