June 5, 2009

My Little Mama...

"My latest invention"..... these are often the words we hear out of Jeremiah's mouth. He is always coming up with some great scheme to catch something or build something or some trick he has just made up.
But today...Miss Alison came in the house and announced that she had something great to show me...."My holy pollies, Mom!" aka she had a rollie-pollie in her hand. She was calling it "Baby" and talking to it! Hilarious!
I got her a little baby food jar to keep him in and told her she needed to make sure she got him some food like leaves, dirt and twigs. She immediately took her "Baby" out and got him all set-up. She carried her jar around all afternoon and by the time dinner came, she had about 7 little "Holy-pollies"! She really wanted to play with them..."You want to play with them?" I asked. "Yes, Mom. They need me to hold them and play with them!"
She insisted that she couldn't play with them outside. So, being the creative mother that I am, I got out a clear 13x9 glass pan and set it on the table for her. She squealed with delight as we emptied her jar in the pan. "Hi Babies!" "Oh you are just so cute...my holy-pollies!" She played with them for about 30 minutes. She was so adorable and she played and played and played. She only had two fatalities...but other than that they all made it safely into their jar for bedtime.
Oh, and by the way...Jeremiah had to go out and get a holy-pollie for himself because it looked SO fun!

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