December 3, 2009

Finally some more pics!
The kiddos were warming their toes on one of our recent chilly mornings. I sat on the kitchen counter and took this looking down at them...they thought it was hilarious.

The BEFORE of our family room.....

The AFTER of our remodel....subfloor and finishing will happen next year. It's usable and cozy enough for us now :)

Miss Hosanna and Momma

Watching Monsters vs. Aliens at Papa and Nana's while they were in Arizona...Momma was doing laundry since our dryer had broke.


Heidijoy said...

i love your new rec room. Gosh i wish i could come over and see it. Whyd o you have to live so darn far out there???

CWIKS said...

Congratulations, love when home improvements are done :) So glad you all have more room to play, laugh and make messes in. Isn't that what the extra space is for? Ha Ha :)