December 16, 2009

We made a trip north this last week. Jeremiah had a doctor's appointment at Seattle Children's to look into an issue he has been having...thank the Lord, all went well and we have a healthy boy! Nothing further to be done and he is just fine.
While we were in Seattle, we stayed a night at a hotel downtown. John and I were so busy just finding the hotel and then getting all our loot and troop into our room, that when Jeremiah walked over to the hotel window, flung the curtains wide open and exclaimed "IT's a ROCKET!!" We were both completely suprised that our room had an amazing view of the Space Needle, Experience Music project and all of downtown. Everything was lit-up for Christmas and so beautiful. I didn't get any pics taken until the early the next morning and by that time they had turned off the extra was still beautiful though! Jeremiah and Alison loved to sit by the window and talk about all the people the "rocket" was taking to space....they were watching the gold elevator go up and down-lol! Love their imagination!

The next day after Jeremiah's appointment, we took the kids to lunch at Red Robin on the pier and then walked them down a block to the Seattle Aquarium. They had SO much fun! We watched a diver in one of the big tanks feeding fish, touched the urchins and starfish in the touch pool, watched a giant ocotopus get fed, went in the underground water dome to see the sharks and other fish, listened to the sound of whales and soooo much more! We will definitly be visiting there again....but next time we are taking a stroller-my arms were killing me!
Also on our trip the kids got to spend some time with their grandparents and we were able to visit with aunts, uncles and cousins too. We had a very nice time at Dan and Elizabeth's and even had a quick visit to Uncle Dan's new autobody shop :) On Wednesday, the 9th, we celebrated Alison's birthday. Since we were still on our trip, we wanted to do something fun for her. We were headed home so we stopped for a visit with a our very good friend Heidi....we had so much fun catching up and we will miss her when she leaves for Africa for a year :( After we said our goodbyes, we stopped and suprised Alison with another treat....she was going to be getting her ears pierced! She has been asking for a long time for "pretties in her ears" and so John decided her birthday was a great opportunity. She was SO brave and didn't even cry! She held mommies hand and smiled. Such a BIG girl! We finally made it home...and I am happy to say, I've only left the house twice since :)

In other news...we had a major snow fall over the weekend and we have been enjoying it from the comfort of our new family room :o)

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luvmyfirefighter said...

Love the pic of Judah- what a cutie! Glad all went well in Seattle.