February 16, 2010

Valentine Weekend

This last weekend John and I went away for the weekend- yes....we left without the kids! Some good friends of our and our beloved Katie (world's best babysitter) lovingly took care of our kiddos for us. We headed down to Bend Friday morning and did not return until Sunday afternoon. It was wonderful!! Of course we missed our kids, but it was a much needed getaway for us.
A close friend of mine from high school got married. John and I shared a rental house with more good friends and I even got a chance to shop on Saturday with Genevieve who flew in from DC -an act of God in itself because of the weather! John and I haven't gone away like this in about 5 years....which is waaaayy too long! We had so much fun just hanging out and visiting with our friends as well as taking in Bend. The wedding was SO much fun and definitely renewed our love for each other. The reception was a blast and we even got out on the dance floor a few times! (my legs were sore the next day! lol) We even stayed long enough to see off the bride and groom! On Sunday we attended Antioch church in Bend where a few more old friends (including the ones who got married)attend and we were really blessed.
Our kids were very happy to see us when we got home and we were immediately thrown back into reality! Things haven't slowed down much over the last few days....haha
John and I realized over the weekend how important it is for us to make time for just "us". After all, once all these kids leave the house....we'll only have each other :)

John and I stopped at the Crooked River
Here comes the Bride...Kristin and her dad, Wayne

Kristin and Casey exchanging rings
The newlyweds getting down!

Chris & Genevieve Methvin

Me & Genevieve

Me and Kailee

TROUBLE - John, Chris, Gen and I

The whole gang....Thorndikes, Methvins and Evans family

Jeremy, Kailee and Isabel Evans


Sarah said...

Glad you got to have such a great time! Your dress is sure cute :)

Suzie said...

You stopped at the Crooked River - that is my favorite spot in the whole world. You don't realize how much you and your husband need to connect without kids until you get away without the kids :) My tip to you is...go on a date with your husband once a month if you can and go away with him at least once a year without kids to rekindle your relationship.