March 17, 2010


Ugh...having no camera to call my own has been a little of a downer. We've had mom and dad's for a while, but they need to use it too, so we have used our camera's as best we, some of the pics aren't the greatest quality.

We've been very busy lately. If you look in our calender, there is something written on just about every day. It's good, but tiresome as well. The last few weeks have been hard also because we have all been battling colds. Judah and Hosanna both had sinus infections and Judah had an ear infection too. I kind of lost my voice the last few days and sound rather!

So, earlier in the month, Jeremiah went to a birthday party for a friend at school. It was very fun and set-up as a carnival. He and Tori had a really fun time.
Last weekend Jeremiah also participated in his first Pinewood Derby race with the Royal Rangers from church. He and John worked on his car all week. John had to work so he carpooled with friends of ours from church and had a really fun time. No ribbons to bring home but that's ok...he's a winner to us!
This last Sunday, after John got off work, he took the kids big kids down to the Sportsman Show to let them fish for trout in a pool they had. They came home with two very nice fish! Daddy showed them how to clean them and they talked about all the fish parts. They even asked Daddy to pop out the eyeballs! After they got the fish cleaned I stuck them in the oven and we had a very yummy dinner that everyone loved!
Finally, here is a cute pic of the little ones a couple weeks ago...obviously I have two extras and Jeremiah is at school. I often have extras...they are sweet!
Addison, Carson, Hosanna, Judah and Alison

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