April 9, 2010

The Latest...

AHhhhh....it's been busy as usual around here. Jeremiah had spring break and we all survived :) I was very busy with a lot of drop-in daycare kiddos which was a nice distraction for my kids. They had nice weather so they spent most of the week outside playing with their friends.

The latest news is that....I'm back to being a brunette! LOL It is a fun change along with getting some bangs and growing out my locks...John likes it too which is always a plus :)

Easter was good. John had to work so the kids and I got ourselves dressed-up and went to church. My parents were suppose to join us for lunch but mom got sick so dad just came up to take pics of the kiddos hunting eggs(I don't have those pics to post yet).

Alison and mommy...
This was Jeremiah's attempt at taking a pic of us girls with my cellphone...not the greatest, but you do what you can when daddy is gone :(

The sweet girls and their cute dresses!

My handsome-never-stopping boys.

The big kids...they are so cute :0
This is the best I could get them to stop wiggling...

Smothering Judah...hahaha

Earlier this week the kids and I watched a 3-D movie. It was so much fun and the glasses made it evern funner(yes, I said funner). John stopped by while we were in the middle of it and he made a pretty funny face when he walked in :)


Sarah said...

I love your long hair...very cute :)

Bekie said...

Very cute pictures. Man the kids are getting big. Are you doing daycare now?