May 10, 2010

Life in April...

Obviously I am not doing so great at keeping up with our posts....but at least I'm maintaining a monthly post! Hahaha

Things continue to be exciting around here...a few weeks ago, John decided that he would use one of the nice burn day's to burn out some bushes above our house. He spent time preparing by soaking the area around it with water and trimming, ect. I planned on helping him out after I got out of the shower that I stepped out the back door I could smell the smoke and then I saw.....flames and lots of FLAMES...flames so high one could not see the house above us! John was working as fast as he could with the garden hose to keep it contained and did a great job of keeping it from spreading to the carport. Someone in the neighborhood called the fire department and said our whole house was on fire....apparently from the highway before, the flames above the house concerned a few people..haha The funny part about the whole thing was that about a half an hour before all the commotion, I had called my dad to ask if we could borrow a ladder. He said he just got off work and would run home quick and then be up.....little did we know he would be driving his BIG red fire truck! John had the fire knocked down pretty well by the time the guys got there, but they helped him finish the job....lesson learned: John + fire = great blogging material! (Love you John :))

I went up to Wallowa in the end of April for my mom-getaway and scrapbooked for a whole was wonderful. I was able to spend time with my mom and some really great girlfriends old and new ;)

Three of the kiddos had their annual well baby check-ups and everybody is healthy! Growing very fast but very healthy. Judah and Hosanna are still only a pound apart, Judah weighing 27lbs and Hosanna weighing 28lbs! Jeremiah finally broke over the 50lb mark and Alison is nearly square weighing 42lbs and being 43inches tall ;)

Judah has gone from running everywhere to climbing on everything! He is pretty good at though and I have only suffered a few minor heart-attacks. He is a non-stop talker saying all kinds of things...momma, dada, stop it, down, go, hot, please, thank you, cracker(his fav), ect. It's pretty cute...but he's very cute!

Hosanna and Alison have a new stylists. Alison decided to cut Hosanna's beautiful curls off last week, leaving only two precious locks on her head. She let her sister take a turn on her hair, but only held out a small portion from the underside of her head so she wouldn't look "silly". I didn't get very good pics, but there are a few. I had to take Hosanna to my stylist to get things evened out because the same night this all happened we were headed to Jeremiah's spring concert...I was not taking her into public looking like that :( It turned out great and after grieving the loss of her beautiful curls I am doing much better now! Ha! Thankfully she is a curly-headed angel for life, so by fall they should be grown back.


All in all everything is grand around our crazy circus of a life and loving almost every moment of it!


Suzie said...

Don't worry about the curls. They'll come back and could even come back curlier.

Sounds like you had a fun-filled April and can't wait for your "May" post :-)

The Gardner Family said...

What a busy and eventful month! Love it, your family is precious.

Sarah said...

"and Alison is nearly square weighing 42lbs and being 43inches tall ;)"...that's too funny :)

Wow, she sure did get a haircut, didn't she??!!! Crazy kids... :)

Hope you have a great week--I enjoy reading your blog :)


Bekie said...

LOL I got a good laugh out of your brush fire. But am very glad it did not get any bigger then it did. Cant believe Judah is talking and walking. Thanks for the pictures. Hello to everyone!