June 22, 2010

So things, as usual, have been very busy! John has been working hard....as usual....he had a good Father's Day, even though he worked and we enjoyed giving him the extra hugs and kisses. He's getting ready to switch to 12 hour shifts which will be really good in the long run with how his days off are going to work out.
Jeremiah is finishing up whiffle ball this week...he is doing awesome! He can hit that ball pretty stinkin far! I think we will be ready for baseball before we know it ;)
Both Alison and Jeremiah have been homeschooling this summer. This has been so wonderful. I have really enjoyed teaching them and they have enjoyed all the fun. They are also doing any and every VBS we can get them in this summer...no lazy kiddos in this house! They have been having lots of fun with all the activities.
Our calander continues to be full...both with family activities and church...just the way we like it. Hopefully we will have some time to spend away soon though....I can smell campfire in our future :)

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