July 9, 2010

Summer Lovin'

So things are hot here in Eastern Oregon...I don't mind it so much, if it weren't so hot! lol I'm sorry but I have to say....I'm ready for fall. No suprises there, John and I have always loved the fall more than any other season.
Our biggest and greatest news is that we have a new member of the family!!! No, John did not permit me to have another beautiful-precious-wonderful baby....but we did get a dog. Bentley or officially named- Henley's Amazing Black Bentley is now almost 10 weeks old. He is a good puppy and a full bred labrador. He has been training very well and we hope Jeremiah will truly have his bird hunting dog with Bentley. He has been talking about this for quite some time! Even though at the end of the day Bentley is a family dog...he really is Jeremiah's dog.

The kids have been enjoying the sunshine. Just the other day they were out playing in the sprinklers. After they came in and dried off, John was asking Alison what they were doing outside. "Oh we just were baptizing each other in the red wagon Daddy." I love thier imaginations and that they can bring what they have learned into their play :)

Along with various VBS to attend and home school as well as a visit from their cousins over the holiday weekend they have really been enjoying their summer. We will be getting ready for school before you know it and I can't wait!!

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Janelle said...

I hope you take a million pictures of that cute little dog like I took of our cute little dog, and they stay little for like a second, I am going to have to do Danner his own album, just like a kid :)