September 8, 2010

School Days

School has officially started. Jeremiah is in 1st Grade at Helix School and loving every minute of it. Alison and Hosanna are both attending Three R's School here in Pendleton. Alison is going three days a week and Hosanna is going 2 days. It was an adjustment for Hosanna, she cried the first day and I walked straight out and tried not to laugh....she gets soooo dramatic and I knew she would be fine as soon as I left. They are all learning so much already-it amazes me. In the midst of it all Jeremiah has lost three teeth! He is so adorable.

Jeremiah ready to go!
Alison is all ready...and so pretty!

Rhianne(good friend) and Alison before school.

Hosanna right before we went into school for orientation.

Working hard...She didn't want Mommy to leave orientation :)

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