September 8, 2010

Hosanna's Birthday

Hosanna turned 3 on September 2nd! Time flies by way too fast.
While we were in Belligham visiting John's parents a couple weeks ago, we went out to lunch with his brother Dan and his wife Elizabeth and their munchkin Savannah. John talked to the waitress and arranged for the crew at Red Robin to do their birthday thing for her. She was a little apprehensive, but ultimately she shared her sundae with the whole table.

The week we returned home we had Papa, Nana, Grammy and Bud over for cake and presents since Papa & Nana were going to be out of town on her birthday. She had so much fun and was a very blessed little girl.

Her first full day at PreK was on her actual birthday so I made a cute shirt for her that said "It's My Birthday". I had a small gift for her at breakfast too. Then last weekend we went out to our friend's house to ride Dandy(horse) and Paris(pony). She loved it! Of course there were a few tears when we were done...but that's just how it goes. That evening we had several friends and family over for cupcakes. It's obvious that she is being trained well to celebrate all week long of her birthday! I have to train her right! She is amazing and we love her so much...our Hosanna Banana.

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CWIKS said...

Great pictures, isn't being a parent so much fun. It is so great to see your family grow up, you guys are doing such a great job!