October 20, 2010


Life has been crazy lately...to say the least. After much prayer and many conversations, John and i decided it was time. Time for me to stop putting off going back to college and just do it. I applied for financial aid, thinking I might get a couple hundred dollars. We prayed that whatever happened I would at least get to take one course. A week after applying, I received an email stating that I had received a Federal Pell Grant in the amount of $5000! In order to get all the money I would have to attend full-time....wow. After we thanked God for providing....reality hit that He was really going to work out all the details. I didn't have any idea what I was going to do for daycare and schedules...but He worked it all out. I registered too late to get into any online courses, which would have been ideal, so I am on campus four days a week. One of my courses is an evening course so two days of the week are really long...and thankfully, starting out, John is on day shift. Things will be slightly different when he switches to graveyard next month, but we will work it out. It has been an exciting journey so far....
The kids are doing well in school. Alison loves preschool and is excelling in her subjects. They have been moving her up pretty quickly and she has even been reading a little....at four years old...amazing! Hosanna loves preschool as well, although for her its just a lot of fun at this point. She is gaining good social skills and by next year she will be doing great in all the other academic areas. Jeremiah is doing well....it is very different from last year. He doesn't have nightly homework like he used to but he does read each night and its getting much better.
Judah is keeping us all busy. He is literally running around here all day jabbering. Between our wonderful daycare provider and home, Judah is becoming quite the Spanish-speaking little guy. Our daycare provider is a friend from church and is from Mexico. She still speaks heavily with an accent and has been teaching the kids a new word each time they visit...but she also mostly speaks to them in Spanish I think. Judah, Alison and Hosanna have answered her questions in Spanish with English...they are understanding more ;) I have a cute video clip of Judah at the end saying all his Spanish words.
It continues to be a crazy life we love...we wouldn't change a thing <3

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