November 20, 2010

(John, Dan, Cara and Derrick at our Family Life Harvest Party)

Yay for Thanksgiving next week! I say it every year, but fall is our favorite season :)

The kids are doing great in school. Jeremiah continues to do well in first grade and loves lunch...haha...he just started eating lunch at school (we qualified for free lunches) and loves all the choices. Alison is doing very well in preschool. She just moved up from the preschool math curriculum to Kindergarten Math. She has started reading some words and I have a feeling that by the end of the school year if not in early spring, she will be 100% Kindergarten. Hosanna is doing good in preschool, but at her age it's mostly just social. She is recognizing some letters and doing really well overall.

Judah is getting busier and busier! He is talking up a storm, loves Mickey Mouse Playhouse and is absolutely adorable when he dances along with the music!

Classes are going well for me....2 A's and one B....I think at my age, that's pretty good! lol

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