December 8, 2010


Paper, pencil, laptop, coffee, quiet, focus, the need for toffee! All these things are my life lately as I prepare for a finale!
So next week is finals week for me. I have a grueling schedule of final lectures study hall and cram sessions to get in before the weekend...not to mention that it's Miss Alison's 5th birthday tomorrow! LOTS going on, but I am really going to enjoy the two week break when I'm done. If my schedule goes as planned, next term I will have only two classes on campus instead of three and I will be taking one course online. Hopefully this will help lighten the load at home for John and the need for additional childcare at least through the winter. It's very hard to get out of our property during those heavy snow days so the less I have to travel and cart the kiddos around the better! Although, come spring I will probably be looking forward to getting out of the house ;)

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