July 1, 2011


Oh sure...he is cute, adorable, sweet, funny...he's two! How much trouble could he possibly get himself into??? Oh let me tell you!! This week alone he has managed to do the following:

  • used John's deodorant...on his entire face and arms

  • used the Aloe, in his hair and in his arms together with my body spray

  • dunked randoms toys in the toilet

  • tried to use dark purple nail polish as lip gloss...3 times

  • dumped said nail polish on the hall carpet....and managed to eat a little

  • used the fire extinguisher in the kitchen...on the kitchen stove, as well as the rest of the kitchen

  • at 5 cocoa-coffee cupcakes in a matter of seconds(with a small amount of help from his sister)

  • broke a candle holder on the back patio

  • ate the sour cream directly from the container in the fridge

  • after extinguisher mess was cleaned up, used the moment I was on the phone to re-mop the floors for my...aka...flooded the dining room

  • used half a bottle of new body wash to clean Dora in the bathtub

  • ate a Popsicle that has been in the "yucky" freezer since last summer (the "yucky" freezer is where we keep the training birds for Bentley)

  • sprayed the Goof Off Gel all over the entire kitchen floor two minutes before we were leaving for church

  • smashed numerous Cheese Nips into the carpet and couch

  • repeatedly jumping from his dresser to his crib, breaking the weld on the crib

  • repeatedly jumping from his dresser to the pack in play...not broken yet

  • telling mommy she is a princess almost every day

  • kissing mommy and daddy's faces each night

  • giving the best hugs ever

  • being a loving, helpful son-brother-friend

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