July 14, 2011

Sweet little angels

So this weekend we had an opportunity to visit with all of John's family at the farm in Acme, WA. We hadn't seen his brother Josh and his wife Meghan (and kids) for two years as they have been in Spain. While they were gone, they got pregnant with their third baby and sweet Gabrielle turned 1 only weeks after they were in the States. Not only that but John's other brother, Dan and his wife Elizabeth had their second baby in March and we had not met sweet Shelby yet either. I was very anxious to meet my nieces...as we all know I get a little baby crazy! lol The weekend did not disappoint, I had my fill of baby goodness!

The kids had so much fun running and playing with all the cousins...there are 13 in total. Jeremiah and his cousin Zach(Josh and Meg's) were practically inseparable. Alison and Hosanna were in heaven with all their older girl cousins as well. All of us agreed that it was one of the most memorable and fun family weekends we have ever had!

John's parents will be heading over to Spain shortly after Josh and Meghan return and most likely be making it a long-term situation. So having this family time before everyone heads out was very important.

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family that loves the Lord!

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