August 21, 2011

Staycations, hardwork and honor...

It has been a busy summer! Although we haven't gone on any "vacations" we have enjoyed being home this summer. John and I are the first to admit that summer is our least favorite season and we can hardly wait for it to be over. Fall is right around the corner....yay!
John continues to work hard at LS, but it is certainly been difficult for him to continue to go to a job that his heart in not in. He injured himself at work shortly after starting there and now is waiting to have surgery. He has been working on getting all the worker's comp stuff figured out which has added to the stress of everything. Along with the current situation, he is still trying to be patient while we continue to wait for an answer to his appeal with the tribe. I don't think either of us thought fighting for he integrity and character would be this hard, long and trying. God is so good and has continued to carry us through these times! We appreciate the continued prayers through both of these processes.
On to the the great news....after 11 years (since my first attempt) and many hours of study, I officially passed my National Registry for Emergency Medical Technician! I am an EMT-Basic :) If that wasn't hard enough, I have already registered for another full-time schedule at BMCC this fall. I will be switching from pre-nursing prerequisites to EMS Certificate focus. I have several EMS classes and in the winter term I will be taking the Advanced Emergency Medical Technician course...just so I can one-up what I just did! LOL God is faithful and so far I have received a full ride thanks to the Federal Pell Grant. It's so awesome!
The kids are excited for school as well...although I think John and I are more excited for them to go to school! Jeremiah will be in Second grade and Alison will be in all day Kindergarten - both at Helix. Hosanna is going to do another year at Three R's School in Pendleton. It's a great Christian-based school that focuses on the Montessori style teaching. Alison and Hosanna both did amazing last year and Alison was reading by I am hoping Hosanna will shine this year. Judah will be going to daycare just a few hours a week when I have class...we are praying for the right person and a good price!
September is coming and that means two's going to be a year to remember those who lost their lives on 9/11....which also happens to be my birthday! It is a bittersweet day for me. I am so proud to have been serving in our local fire department that day and having a day that is usually so joyful for me be so reverent. God definitely has plans for each of us and I am so thankful for that! I am looking forward to focusing the attention on Him that day as well as remembering and honoring all the men and women who lost and gave their lives that day. It will be a 30th birthday to remember for sure!

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