December 30, 2011

Great deals

John and I did some light grocery shopping yesterday. While we were shopping we noticed that the store still had several turkeys left from the holidays at a low price of 58 cents a pound. Now, they weren't organic or even labeled all-natural, but they were MSG and Gluten extra additives in them.

We snatched up four of them with each costing about $6. Four turkeys for $24 is pretty awesome! We decided to pop them in our deep freezer and use them for meals for the next couple months....when can you ever buy meat so inexpensively??!!

It was a perfect plan...until, I realized we had left them overnight to defrost on top of the chest freezer...we are going to be baking at least two and hopefully smoking 2 - then we will portion the meat and freeze it for later use.

It wasn't a perfect plan....but it will work out regardless :) Go check your grocery stores and stock up!

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