December 31, 2011

Some food

I thought I would share some of the food we have been eating the last couple days. Keep in mind, I am merely a home cook, so no comments about the lack of perfection! LOL

Sweet potato fries cooked in butter and coconut oil

Turkey leftovers and pork sausage. The "dip" is honey with cayenne (thanks Bethany for the idea) my hubby loved this "dip".

This is delicious. It's steamed califlower that I pureed with a smidge of coconut milk and butter. It's sooooo wonderful!! Our whole family loves it!

The meat of two of our four turkeys. I roasted these and took the meat off the bone to freeze for later use. I shared our turkey story here.

This is what was left of the two turkeys. I am making more stock from them later this week. For now they are stored in the fridge.

This is the turkey stock I made from the two turkeys that are soaking in brine. Looks so yummy and smelled amazing too.

The finished stock. I let these cool completely and put them in the freezer. Stock is great to add to lots of meals. Plus it is my go-to when I want to make soup if any of us are feeling under the weather. Just add whatever veggies you have they may be on their way to being not so edible and poof! a nutritious delicious soup. I love to toss in kale, celery, carrots, ect.

This was breakfast today. I wanted to change up our normal egg breakfast so I got the recipe from Sarah at I didn't put the sausage into them, but we did have links with it. I also added leftover broccoli from a couple nights ago. The kiddos loved their "orange pancakes", as they called them.

This looks so delicious to the eyes. It smelled wonderful too. I put some roasted green and red peppers, celery and some sweet peppers in the pan, added some stock and leftover chicken quarters to warm up. Then I took the chicken out and pureed my "soup", adding some coconut milk to even it out. The verdict, it was awful. It tasted overwhelmingly of green pepper and was extremely bitter. I dumped the soup and the kids at the chicken with some pickles and oranges for lunch instead. I guess every experiment can't be successful, right?!

Happy Paleo Cooking! Happy New Year!! Don't forget that you can choose to eat healthy and not feel guilty about turning down the "holiday" food, because you deserve it!!!