December 10, 2006

Alison's ONE!

Yesterday was Alison's 1st birthday! John and I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. It feels like yesterday she was just a tiny little baby. We had a great day. We spent the morning at home and just played. Jeremiah was my little helper in the kitchen. He put on one of my apron's and helped my decorate Alison's pink cupcakes. His method was the typical, one for me, a few for the cupcake, a few more for me! Later that morning John found him under the kitchen table with the whole bottle having a "snack"! We had a little party for Ali and some family and friends joined us. She enjoyed opening her presents, but I think she loved the cupcake more! She dove right into it like there was no tomorrow! The cupcake, unfortunately, made an encore presentation on the kitchen floor later that night -ewe! thank goodness our kids don't eat much sugar!

Please be in prayer for our families. John's mom is having a little procedure right before Christmas and she needs a quick recovery and a stress free holiday. My mom just had gallbladder surgery and is feeling very uncomfortable and also needs a speedy recovery. Finally, my brother is moving at the end of the month (boo-whoo!) and needs a safe journey to Nashville and also that God would continue to provide the finances to get there and sustain him once he settles.

Please remember to have a relaxed holiday. I know that it sounds like an oxymoron, but really. remember that a little baby was born just for you, just to save your life. Spend your time with the things that matter, God, family and friends.

We love you all, God Bless!

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