December 18, 2006

You ate WHAT???

So today, just as I was about to post a new blog about the last few days, my son, sweet-intelligent Jeremiah, started screaming. I ran to see what happened and he said with tears and slobber all over, "Mom I ate a screw!". "What??" I asked in disbelief. "A screw, I ate a screw!" I asked where he got the screw from and evidently he had taken one out of a step-stool he had. I looked and looked and sure enough, I could not find a screw. I called our fantastic doctor and rushed him over to Walla Walla(that's where the doc is). After a picture of his belly, it was confirmed, he had eaten a bolt. It is about 1 1/2 inches in length and we hope to see it on the other side soon!

Here are some pics: On our way to see Dr. Buldoc, happ in the office, just had and x-ray and telling daddy the news.

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