December 31, 2006


Okay... the long awaited holiday pic are here. We got back from the farm in Washington today. We had a great time. Jeremiah and Alison loved playing with their cousins. It was nice and cold though! It is so beautiful up there! Jeremiah is in love Bella! She is Elizabeth's, Dan's fiance, dog. We stayed for two nights at her place in Issaquah, before heading up north and Jeremiah could not wait for us to get there. He followed her around and played with here the whole time. Alison also enjoyed Bella...she squealed with excitement often. We didn't do much but relax and enjoy family. John and I thought we would take the kids to the famous Krispy Kremes for a doughnut and needless to say, our bodies were definately not used to the garbage that is in those things! Josh and Meghan were quite the pair to play against as John and I tried to beat them at a friendly game of poker last night....thanks for the laughs I think my sides and cheeks are going to hurt for a few days! We had a safe journey home, although a long one. Alison snacked on her toes towards the end! We love you all (Thorndikes) and thank you for the fun and memories.

Keep praying for my brother. He is on his way to Nashville as I type...he is still in need of safe travels, funds for food and fuel and direction!
Side-note....CONGRATS! My friend Kailee and her man Jeremy are recently engaged! We love you and are excited for you!

Happy New Year to all. We pray for God's direction and peace in your lives!

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