November 5, 2007

silly tigers....

It's been a crazy busy week and it's only Monday! the kids had fun at our Fall Carnival at church. They were both tigers (Hosanna went as a newborn, fitting, I know!). They came home with candy and fun toys. Afterwards we went out to the ol' homestead in Adams to see all the old folk...(hahaha...I love you mom and dad!) They were quite entertaining, if you like that kinda thing, you know, children screaming and running around on a sugar and carb high. :) They both slept quite well that nite! Tomorrow Ms. Hosanna has a check-up and we'll get to see how chunky she really is. Later this week I get to head off to Wallawa and leave the older children with daddy while I enjoy a weekend of scrapbooking-yay! Other than the usual daily entertainment of three children, we've just been enjoying life and FALL!

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