November 26, 2007

Trimming the tree....

...oh you bet we did!
I started a day later than last year, but we got the tree up and decorated on Saturday! I officially started my season of watching White Christmas on Thursday, though.....I watched it a few times over the summer to try and trick my prego body into thinking "cool". So far, we've only lost two ornaments to the wrath of Alison. I think she actually likes the 'pop' and shattering sound they make when they hit the floor. Her eyes get really big and she says "oooohhhhh"!

Today they where extra cute when I caught Jeremiah and Alison singing while they worked...helping me fold laundry, or not.

On a different note, in just two weeks, Miss Alison will be turning two. Close your mouth..I know it's shocking, but oh so true. The time has officially flown by! Sunday the nineth is her day and we will also be dedicating Miss Hosanna. Below is a copy of the invite for those of you close enough to attend. A dedicationceremony is so important to John and I. It keeps us accountable in our parenting and says..."Hey, we want to raise our kids to serve the Most High God!" We need all the prayer and encouragement we can get in this battle to raise godly kids in such and ungodly world. Thankfully, we have awesome family and friends who we know love our kids as much as they love us!

Please join us!
Hosanna’s Dedication Ceremony
Sunday, December 9, 2007
Pendleton First Assembly of God
1911 SE Court Street
Service starts at 10:30 a.m.
{Please arrive early if you would like to sit with our family.}


Alison’s 2nd Birthday Party
Abby’s Pizza Parlor
828 Southgate
Following the church service.
{We will be providing dessert only.}

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